Premier League Arsenal win against Man United opened another window – Arteta

Arsenal manager MIkel Arteta discussed the outcome of their 1-0 Premier League victory against Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday.

After 37 games, the Gunners returned top of the table – one point clear of Manchester City – though the reigning champions have a game in hand, away to Tottenham on Tuesday.

“This result open another box, another window, which is the last day of the season,” Mikel Arteta said at full-time at Old Trafford. “Fighting for the Premier League in front of our people, with our families who are there. And we’re going to live an amazing day together. I can’t wait to live that.

“We talked about it yesterday and let’s open that door. Football is about moments and enjoying this journey and that last day is going to be something that I don’t know how many times we’re going to live together. So let’s enjoy, let’s prepare what to do, what we have to do, and hopefully a great outcome could happen.

“We will go into that game on the back of a five-match winning streak, having recorded only our second league win at Old Trafford in the past 17 seasons.”

Dennis Mabuka

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