Fighting Fury Says He’s Not Interested On Undisputed Heavyweight Champion

Ahead of his unification fight against Oleksandr Usyk on Saturday in Riyadh, Tyson Fury declared that he was boxing for financial gain and had never been interested in being the undisputed heavyweight world champion.

The British boxer spoke with British broadcaster Sky as part of the effort to generate excitement before the pay-per-view battle between World Boxing Council champion Tyson Fury and Ukrainian Usyk, who is recognised by the other three sanctioning organisations.

During the pre-fight media day, which began with a brawl between members of the opposing entourages that left Tyson Fury’s father John with blood streaming down his face, the interview was aired on Monday.

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Social media videos appeared to show John Fury headbutting a Usyk entourage member who was wearing a track suit.

Tyson Fury played down the importance of the bout, which will produce boxing’s first unified champion of the four-belt era, prior to the news conference.

I could easily glitz it up and say: ‘Oh my God, I’m ecstatic, it’s amazing, undisputed, something I’ve always dreamed.’ No, it ain’t, it was never my goal,” Fury said.

“My dream was to have a wife, have children. Be a good dad.

“That’s always been my dream.

“Have Sunday dinners, have a family picnic.

“What more can a man do? I’ve got millions of dollars in the bank.

I’ve got a wonderful wife. I’ve got loads of kids.

I’ve got dogs, I’ve got nice cars, I’ve got jewellery, I’ve got clothes, I’ve got accolades, I’ve got fame, I’ve got fortune. People are inspired by me,” he said.

I’ve rocked it. I’ve absolutely smashed it. Home run every single day.

“Steak and lobster for every meal going on from now to eternity.”

Fury said he had reached his professional target in 2015.

My goal was to be undefeated heavyweight champion and beat Wladimir Klitschko.

“Other than that, everything else has been a bonus.

“After I beat Klitschko I didn’t even want to box anymore.”

“He did not fight for two years.

Because my Everest was climbed,” he said.

“The two biggest goals of my life, one stone, beating Klitschko and becoming world champion.”

“I had nothing else to prove and I thought to myself: ‘if I come back…I want to make as much money as possible and I want to enjoy every moment’ and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

“To be an undisputed heavyweight champion of the world is a bonus and I’ll take it no problem.

“Just like I’ll take a million dollars if you give it to me out of the cupboard,” Fury said.

“But I’m not expecting it. I never expected to be in this position.

It’s not been any easy rollercoaster. I wasn’t an Olympic gold medallist.

I wasn’t the golden boy. I’ve come up the hard way,” he added.

“Everything I’ve done has been the hard way.

“There was no railroad tracks for me to follow, I’ve done it off my own back.”

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