Premier League Man City can drop points and lose games – Guardiola ahead of Spurs showdown

Pep Guardiola is eyeing a record-breaking fourth successive Premier League title with Manchester City but has dismissed notions that the outcome is already inevitable.

Guardiola know that wins over Tottenham Hotspur on Tuesday and West Ham on Sunday will secure the crown across 2023-24. But he has stressed that the team must go out and ‘do it again and again’ in that final double-header to lift the trophy once more.

“It surprises me a lot when I hear: ‘Ah City is not going to lose, it’s impossible for them to drop points,” said Guardiola. “I don’t have any argument to say – why? Of course, we can drop points and lose games. Always this happens because we win and because we put a lot of effort behind it.”

He added: “People say we won’t drop points because we didn’t do it in the past. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen today. Otherwise all teams still would just be winning, just the one still winning.

“Yes it’s nice but I don’t pay attention one second because it’s not true. We have to do it again and again. We would like to prove them right but we have to do it.”

Dennis Mabuka

Dennis Mabuka is a seasoned Kenyan journalist with 18 years of experience covering sports events. He is currently a sport content creator with

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