Chelsea Pochettino Says Europe Ticket Will Improve Chelsea Next Season

Manager Mauricio Pochettino stated on Tuesday that Chelsea will have a successful season and expect to improve in the upcoming campaign if they secure a European qualification slot.

Chelsea needs to triumph against Brighton & Hove Albion on Wednesday in order to move up to the top six of the Premier League.

With 57 points, the Blues are tied with Newcastle United in sixth position, but they are behind on goal differential.

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In the battle for European qualifying, Newcastle’s later kickoff on Wednesday takes them to Manchester United, who are in seventh place with 54 points.

The twice Champions League winners Chelsea were mired in mid-table due to injuries and the inconsistency of their young team, but in recent weeks, Pochettino’s expensive club has shown promise and risen swiftly in the rankings.

The team is doing well, in the second part of the season – in the last 26 or 27 games,” Pochettino told reporters.

“If we can compete well in the last two games then there is a possibility to get into Europe, which would be amazing for us.

“If we are able to finish well and get into Europe, for sure we can start the next season with hope to be in a better position than we were in this season.”

The Blues are anticipating another injury boost as midfielder Carney Chukwuemeka and defender Ben Chilwell were confirmed by Pochettino to have resumed training following the return of skipper Reece James from injury in their most recent game.

We need to assess if they will be part of the squad for tomorrow, but if not tomorrow then the weekend,” he added, with Chelsea hosting Bournemouth in their final game on Sunday.

When reflecting on his inaugural season as manager, Pochettino refrained from highlighting shortcomings.

“I don’t want to talk anymore (about the age and lack of experience in the squad),” he said.

“From next season I want to talk about a different issue.

“I hope we can talk about the evolution of a different aspect of the game, in a tactical way, to evolve and be positive.

“Because now it is like we are stuck, like the Coldplay song, ‘stuck in reverse’.”

After a string of poor league performances, an FA Cup semifinal loss to Manchester City, and a League Cup final loss to Liverpool, the Argentine manager’s career was in doubt as he lost the support of certain supporters.

“I don’t show fake feelings and I don’t want people to show fake feelings to me.

The fans need to enjoy in the stadium to create this link with us, most importantly we need to be respectful,” he added.

“Little by little, with time we are capable of getting the results the club deserves.

For sure, we are going to create a great relationship.”

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