FIFA World Cup George Finidi : Nigeria is focused on winning against South Africa and Benin

Niger Super Eagles head coach George Finidi said his players are only focused on winning both of their games against South Africa and Benin Republic next month in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

Nigeria is winless after two games played in the qualifying stage drawing both against Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

With the match day 3 and 4 coming closer, everyone’s eye is on the 2023 AFCON finalists as they are expected to bounce back.

Speaking on the challenges, Super Eagles coach George Finidi said their only focus is to win.

“We know Nigerians would love the team to win all the time, and we’ll just get the players focused on the game, one game at a time. We focus on the South African game and see how we can win that one before we talk about the Benin Republic game. For me, as a coach, it’s either you have a good result, or you don’t have a good result,” he said in an interview with Eagle FM.

“One cannot be scared in life. Like I said, going through life is difficult, you walk through it with the difficulties that you know you’ll encounter. So that’s how I look at life and approach it that way, and football will not be any different. We will do our job and make sure we get the best out of that game, and apart from that, nothing else.”

Nigeria will host South Africa in Abuja on June 7th before traveling to Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire for the second game against Benin Republic as the Guepards have not an homologated stadium.


Aimé ATTI is a bilingual journalist who breathes football and shares his passion on Africa Top Sports

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