FIFA World Cup Ghana win against Mali will guarantee World Cup qualification – Otto Addo

Ghana head coach Otto Addo has revealed why it will be important for the Black Stars to get victory against Mali in their 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifier.

“I am happy to be here. It’s a very important match for us. We are one point behind Mali in the Group and we have to win, this will be the best to guarantee our chances to qualify for the World Cup. But we know it’s going to be very, very tough. Mali has a very, very strong team. They showed recently in their games against Nigeria and Cote D’Ivoire how good they are,” said Addo.

On quality of Mali, Addo said: “They have a lot of young talents in their team and in the FIFA Rankings; they are above us so Mali is a great team. It’s difficult for us to beat them but we have to try. They are one point above us, we have a good team as well but in the FIFA rankings they are above us so these shows how good and competitive they are.

“They showed in the last game against Nigeria how good they are and also in the AFCON when they played against Ivory Coast they were very, very unlucky. So for us, they are a very, very strong team but we have the possibility to still beat them. We also have a strong team and it’s going to be an equal measure.”

On how he plans to tackle the game, Addo explained: “It’s difficult to say. Surely we have a plan as regards how we want to play. We have observed them well. Almost all the players’ play in the Ligue 1, they are very, very strong. We have our ideas but surely I can’t tell you what we are going to do to win this match.”

Dennis Mabuka

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