FIFA World Cup Ghana motivation and aim is to qualify for the World Cup – Mohammed Kudus

Ghana midfielder Mohammed Kudus discussed Black Stars ambitions as they prepare for their 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifier against Central African Republic at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi.

The West Ham United man who is one of the key players in Ghana’s squad is positive about our chances against the Central Africans. Kudus touched on being under pressure to qualify for yet another FIFA World Cup, playing in his favorite number 10 position, the strength of the squad and many more.

“Obviously from our point of view we have personal goals and things we want to do so intrinsically, we have pressure every time from the expectations from ourselves,” said Kudus.

“Also we are representing the whole team and the whole of Ghana and so there is pressure from every angle but our motivation and our aim to qualify for the World Cup, so that is the motivation that gets us going in every pressure we find ourselves.”

On perception that top players in Europe struggle to play in Africa, he said: “Personally, in every game whether in Ghana or Europe, my motivation and my approach is the same and that is to help the team win. Yes I am one of the names they look out for in most of the games but everyone is quite important in the squad.

“Whether on the bench or whatsoever, like we saw against Mali, it’s the guys on the bench that came to win the game so everyone deserves the same respect and motivation just like us. We are a team, it’s the points that matters, whether I score or anyone else does, or however I perform, the most important thing is that the team wins and we keep improving as players.

“So personally, I try to do my best in every place I find myself. We started playing from here in Ghana and so there is no excuse as in weather, the pitch and all of that. There are things that come into play but the opponents face the same problems as well so there is no excuse for that but in every game I just try to do my best for the country and the team to get the three points.”

On the team having belief after comeback win against Mali, Kudus explained: “That belief has always been there even though it has not been showing in the past few games. Like I said we always want to go to the World Cup and that is the ultimate goal so whatever we do to arrive there that is what we are trying to do.

“Our Coach has his philosophy and ways of playing but certain games we have to win the hard way but the most important thing is the three points because every game matters here and so that is our ultimate goal.”

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