Nigeria Osimhen Takes Finidi To The Cleaner On Social Media

Victor Osimhen, delivered a stinging attack on former Super Eagles head coach Finidi George during an intense Instagram Live session.

The Napoli striker, who is known for his enthusiasm and commitment to the Nigerian national team, did not mince words while responding to Finidi’s claimed assertion that he would not beg Osimhen to play for the Super Eagles.

These claimed remarks from the recently dismissed coach occurred following Osimhen’s absence from Nigeria’s 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches against South Africa and Benin Republic.

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In a spectacular 10-minute diatribe, a visibly irate Osimhen ripped on Finidi, stating that he had lost all respect for the former Super Eagles hero.

The 25-year-old striker’s violent outburst sheds light on the apparent breakdown of communication and trust between him and the former coaching staff, exposing the strained connection that may have contributed to Finidi’s eventual exit.

Osimhen’s passionate outburst demonstrates his unwavering devotion to representing Nigeria at the greatest level, as well as his displeasure with the apparent lack of understanding from the previous coaching staff.

As the repercussions from Finidi’s departure continues to ripple throughout Nigerian football, Osimhen’s harsh statements have added a new layer of mystery and controversy to an already tense situation.

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) will definitely want to address these concerns and reestablish harmony within the national team structure as they look for Finidi’s replacement.

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