Premier League Arne Slot : Dutch manager wants to emulate Jürgen Klopp legacy at Liverpool

New Liverpool coach Arne Slot spoke to the club’s media on Wednesday about his goals with the Reds and the necessity for him to continue where Jürgen Klopp stopped his legacy.

The German coach left Liverpool at the end of 2023-2024 season after spending nine years at Anfield. Klopp said he was “running out of energy” and it could be seen during his last months on the touchline with the Reds.

Before his departure, it was all known that Dutch manager Arne Slot will be his replacement and the former Feyenoord Rotterdam coach has now landed in England and is ready to start his journey and bring back Liverpool to it’s glorious days building on Klopp’s success.

“We are going to try to work on what Jurgen left behind and we will see a lot of similar things. But, of course, I bring my own things to the table as well and I think that’s also what is expected of me,” Slot told LFC website.

“It is my style but I think it is the style of many modern coaches at the moment: we were all a bit inspired because of the rivalry between City and Liverpool.

“We were all inspired by [Pep] Guardiola and Klopp and I think at a big club, which I worked in in Feyenoord as well, it is probably the only style you can play – to have the ball a lot, to have a lot of energy, and I think also now there are comparisons between the club I left behind and the club I am going to work for now.”

“He [Jürgen Klopp] gave me more than a few good tips but I think what stood out for me was that he was so happy for me and that – and I think he said this in the media as well – he would be my biggest fan from now on because he supports Liverpool in the best possible way, and you don’t see this very often.

“So, it says a lot about his character, the way he handled this situation as well.

“We would all love to see Liverpool a bit higher than third place and this is the challenge we are facing now – to build on from what we have.

“I tried to use examples of cycling or at the moment we’ve seen Roland-Garros [French Open tennis] and we’ve seen Djokovic winning in a really tough game, and I think that’s one of his qualities, that he can also win the game when it’s not going his way, he can still find a way to win it. I think those are examples you can use towards players as well.”

Arne Slot will start his Liverpool journey on August 17 with a trop to Ipswich Town for Premier League matchday 1.


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