FIFA U17 WORLD CUP Junior Starlets’ success shows Kenya can reach great heights – Cheche

Kenya women’s U17 coach Mildred Cheche has discussed Junior Starlets success to qualify for the U17 Women’s World Cup.

Cheche guided her side to the nation’s first ever FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup qualification following a 5-0 aggregate win against Burundi, where they will form a trio of African representatives made up of Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia.

“It’s an incredible feeling to have made history with this qualification. This achievement is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and talent of our young players our federation, the entire support staff and the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Sports,” said Cheche as quoted by CAFOnline.

“It signifies a major milestone for Kenyan football, especially for the women’s game, and it’s a moment of pride for the entire nation. This success shows that with the right support and belief, our girls can reach great heights on the global stage.”

On whether she was confident Kenya will reach the stage, Cheche said: “From the very beginning of the qualifiers campaign, we believed in our potential to reach this stage. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but the talent and determination of our players and the support from the Federation and the Government, gave us confidence.

“We approached each match with a winning mentality and a clear strategy. The journey was tough, but the unwavering belief in our abilities and the hard work put in by everyone involved made this dream a reality.”

Dennis Mabuka

Dennis Mabuka is a seasoned Kenyan journalist with 18 years of experience covering sports events. He is currently a sport content creator with

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