Chelsea Maresca Says Chelsea Will Compete For Titles

Chelsea FC’s new head coach, Enzo Maresca, has stated that his team is eager to progress while simultaneously competing for titles, marking the start of a new chapter for the London-based club.

Maresca emphasised his eagerness and preparedness to face the challenge in his first interview at Stamford Bridge, which Chelsea broadcast on YouTube on Monday.

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Very happy, excited. It will be a fantastic journey,” Maresca stated, emphasising his eagerness to start working with the squad.

The Italian coach, who joins Chelsea following a successful time at Leicester City, emphasised the importance of his first week at the club, which included getting to know the players and surroundings.

Maresca was particularly excited about working with Chelsea’s outstanding group.

One of the reasons I’m here is because I’m convinced that the squad is very good,” he said.

The new coach emphasised the value of player development, saying, “If you can improve players, you improve the team.

When discussing his coaching philosophy, Maresca highlighted the need of having a distinct playing style.

While appreciating his accomplishment at Leicester, he was quick to add, “It’s already over now.

New chapter, new team, new club.”

The Italian coach hopes to maintain the winning attitude at Chelsea, despite the club’s high expectations.

When you join a club like Chelsea, you have to know that it’s a club that has to win,” Maresca affirmed.

He stated that he wants to compete with the elite clubs vying for titles.

Maresca also emphasised the necessity of forming strong bonds with Chelsea fans.

We need to create as soon as possible the right mentality, the right culture that the fans can be proud of,” he told me.

The coach stated that he intends to introduce an aggressive style both on and off the pitch in order to establish a connection between the supporters and the club.

Maresca also stated that he is looking forward to working closely with the players.

It’s always different when you spend day by day with the person,” he noted, stating the importance of building relationships beyond what can be observed in games.

In his address to Chelsea fans, Maresca urged patience and support.

Just trust the process, trust the idea. Being behind the team, for sure we’re going to enjoy our journey,” he said.

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