Kenya Open letter to Ababu Namwamba on FKF elections stalemate

Waziri do receive my warmest regards on my behalf and that of the great football stakeholders of Kenya.

I am writing to bring to your attention a matter of significant concern regarding the Football Kenya Federation (FKF). It has increasingly becoming a serious concern that the FKF has not and will not conduct elections as mandated, thereby putting matters of football governance in limbo.

This is even more compounded by the fact that Kenya is set to host the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) fete jointly with her three other East Africa counterparts of Uganda and Tanzania. This event is pitted to be one of the biggest sports events that Kenya is not only going to participate in but also that is going to showcase Kenya as a global sport power house.

President Dr. William Ruto in September 2022 speaking after the Supreme Court of Kenya affirmed his victory had assured the lovers of Kenyan’s most loved sport; football, that he will work ‘hard and deliver on the dreams that have stagnated in the sport.’ “The same way the people of Kenya have made my dream come true, that a citizen from nowhere can make it, I will work hard and we will deliver on these dreams that have stagnated,” he said.

As a passionate supporter of football, administrator and a concerned citizen Waziri, I believe that the proper functioning of FKF is crucial for the development and promotion of footaball in our country.

The failure to hold elections within the FKF not only violates the Sports Act, FKF’s own constitution and electoral code regulations but also jeopardizes the integrity and credibility of football administration in Kenya.

The numerous court tussles some which were initiated by the federation smirk a scheme that is hatched to create confusion and leadership lacuna to perpetuate the current leadership unconstitutional and illegal stay in office.

This delay will definitely not see new office bearers in September when the term of said officials comes to an end. Their stay in office after the expiry of their term undermines transparency, accountability, and fair play within the FKF, which are essential for fostering a healthy sports environment.

It also risks leading to repercussions from international governing bodies like Confederation of African Football (CAF) and FIFA, potentially harming Kenya’s standing in the global football community.

Previously as you are aware Waziri I have pronounced myself clearly on the need to withdraw of all cases in court without prejudice so that the elections roadmap can take course.

But all this seem to have fallen on deaf ears as the ongoing litigations seems to benefit the current leadership. To say the least Waziri, we are staring at an imminent FIFA ban.

As football stakeholders and lovers of football it will be a great disservice to the people of Kenya if we don’t pronounce ourselves to the open and calculated overtures by the current leadership to extend their stay in office illegally.

Kenya is facing a political challenge through the GenZ awakening. The president has acted on some of their demands and made concessions and even called for a multisectoral approach and dialogue. Is that too much to ask from you Waziri?

Therefore, I urge you, as the Sports Cabinet Secretary, to intervene decisively in this matter. It is imperative that the Ministry takes swift action to ensure that the FKF adheres to its constitutional obligations and conducts elections without further delay.

Your prompt intervention will not only safeguard the interests of football stakeholders but also demonstrate the government’s commitment to promoting transparency and accountability in sports administration.

Let the elections be conducted as per plan and within the confines of the Sports Act and federation constitution and electoral code. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,

Hon. Sam Nyamweya, MBS

Football Kenya Federation, President Emeritus

Dennis Mabuka

Dennis Mabuka is a seasoned Kenyan journalist with 18 years of experience covering sports events. He is currently a sport content creator with

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