Gossip Motocross / Easter Tournament: Fans and Awards in Lome!

The lovers of the two wheels motors had fans on Saturday and Sunday at Agoè, a suburb of the city of Lomé.

The racing circuit was the scene of a motocross competition. Twenty senior riders, a half-dozen in junior and twenty Zemidjan riders (motorbike taxis), the champion of Burkina Faso was part of the event organized by the Moto Club Togo.

Known as the Easter International Moto Cross, this competition brought together athletes from Togo, Burkina Faso and Ghana.

After the testing Saturday, the actual tournament took place on Sunday. Among seniors, Togo rose on the first three steps of the podium. Boucly Evelyn, Noovi Dary and Napoleoni André are respectively the first, second and third best riders.

In the category zémidjan Emmanuel Fialedome, winner of the demonstration, won a Sanili motorcycle.

In junior, the victory of the Burkinabe, Paul Balkouma over the Togolese, Simon Bechet.

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