Africa OM / Romao: “Bring my contribution to the edifice”

All the observers are unanimous on one point; Alaixys Romao is undoubtedly the best draftee of the winter for Olympic of Marseille. The Togolese quickly found his feet in the team of Elie Baup.

The midfielder wants to do his best for his club. The hawk wants to do more for OM: “I cannot content myself with (his current performances). Me, what I have in mind is to bring my contribution to the edifice, to help OM. When you play in Marseille, you are more publicized, there is a magnifying effect. When you’re good with OM, people talk about it. But it is not in Marseille that I started being good. I realized much better performances with Lorient. You have not yet seen the best Romao. “

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