Africa FIFA rankings: Colombia invites itself in the top 3

fifa123-300x199As every first Thursday of each month, FIFA has released its ranking of July. To be noted the entrance of Colombia in the top 3 behind Spain the leader and Germany. Argentina occupies the fourth place ahead of the Netherlands. Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Brazil and Belgium rounded out the top 10. There is also the return of Brazil, who won the Confederations Cup in the top 10 after winning 13 seats.

Ivory Coast, the first African country is 13th. Ghana, dauphin of Ivory Coast, occupies the 24th place, Mali is 28th.

The world’s top 20:

1 Spain
2 Germany
3 British
4 Argentina
5 Netherlands
6 Italy
7 Portugal
8 Croatia
9 Brazil
10 Belgium

11 Greece

12 Uruguay

13 Ivory Coast

14 Bosnia and Herzegovina

15 England

16 Switzerland

17 Russia

18 Ecuador

19 Peru

20 Mexico

Africa Top 10:

1 Ivory Coast (13th)
2 Ghana (24th)
3 Mali (28th)
4 Algeria (34th)
5 Nigeria (35th)
6 Burkina Faso (42th)
7 Tunisia (47th)
8 Cape Verde (49th)
9 South Africa (59th)
10 Zambia (60th)

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