News Possible Partnership Between GamStop and Chelsea FC

Both GamStop and Chelsea FC have grown substantially though they have their business area. Chelsea FC is one of the biggest clubs not only in the UK but also in the world whereas GamStop is a British gambling self-exclusion scheme that has become increasingly powerful.

As the number of non-GamStop sports betting options grows, this partnership can be really helpful for punters in the UK. Despite the fact, that GamStop-free bookies have custom self-exclusion tools, they may not be suitable for everyone..

The English club with the nickname “the Blues” is the UK’s most prized soccer club with the most social media followers and the biggest fan bases in the world. As for GamStop, this British not-for-profit organisation that allows players to be self-banned from licensed gambling sites has broadened its reputation through several partnerships. As this free self-exclusion service aims to reduce harm related to gambling, the possible partnership with Chelsea FC will be lucrative or not?

 Benefits of the Partnership Between GamStop and Chelsea FC

The collaboration between GamStop and Chelsea FC brings many advantages that extend beyond the realm of sports and gaming.

Helping British Players

Launched in 2018, Gamstop was approved by the UK Gambling Commission and is operated by the National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited (NOSES). At that time, the scheme was optional for online gambling sites but since 31 March 2020, the service has become compulsory for licensed gambling companies. The players who develop a gambling addiction are required to register at this voluntary self-exclusion scheme, and with a simple process, football bets will be prohibited during a certain period of time. The exclusion period can be six months, one year, and up to five years depending on their personal choice. The betting industry which has become inseparably linked to football clubs through various advertising and sponsorships is one of the factors of excessive gambling and related problems. As the GamStop programme is a free and effective service; British players can prevent gambling-associated problems.

Responsible Gambling Education

The club boasts more than 135 million fans globally as well as over 95 million social media followers so the partnership with GamStop will also promote responsible gambling education. Gambling addiction has become a serious issue in the UK and has been heightened by the Covid-19 lockdowns. As people spend long hours at home, they turn to gambling as a way to improve their mood. Therefore, the alliance between Chelsea and GamStop is a good solution to raise awareness about the spreading of gambling addiction on a larger scale which is a danger to the country. For example, the English club can run a campaign through their social networks to strengthen knowledge about the gambling harm that can damage the victim’s social and personal life. Since Chelsea FC is one of the most successful football clubs in the world, the campaign with GamStop is ensured to be successful.

Enhancing Chelsea FC’s Reputation

From its founding in March 1905 as Chelsea FC, the club has been among the most valuable UK football teams not only in the UK but also around the world. The oldest English professional football club is recognised for its offensive style of play and has won three trophies in the UEFA Champions League. Therefore, the Blues has certainly built a reputation as the world’s most valuable football brand and has continued to triumph. It is also the case of GamStop, a national gambling self-exclusion tool that has become prominent not only in the UK gambling industry but also across the world. Hence, if the sports team and the free gambling self-exclusion service GamStop work together, they can certainly achieve a common goal to reduce gambling-related harm.

Drawbacks of the Collaboration Between GamStop and Chelsea FC

While the partnership between GamStop and Chelsea FC holds promise, it is essential to acknowledge potential disadvantages that may arise from this collaboration.

Zero Profit

Since its creation, GamStop has expanded its network creating strong partnerships with various companies and organisms to grow its global connections. The British gambling self-exclusion service has agreed to new partnerships with some English professional football clubs namely Luton Town FC, Crystal Palace, and Queens Park Rangers (QPR). GamStop’s cooperation with Chelsea FC is expected to help the business become more profitable. Although the alliance can make a valuable profit to this free independent organism as it is a great opportunity to reach a wider audience, this cooperation can incur a loss to the UK soccer team. Chelsea is expected to make a profit with its partnerships but if the club signs a partnership agreement, what will the club get in return?

Possible Concerns of Gambling Partners

Another expected disadvantage is the possible concerns of gambling partners. As gambling is both a recreational and quite lucrative industry, this business is well-positioned to ensure sponsorships with leading brands including the football clubs. Chelsea has collaborated with several gambling companies and the remarkable names include William Hill, Parimatch, and 1xBet. Gambling sponsorships are crucial to football clubs as they are more lucrative compared to other sponsorship deals. Nevertheless, if the biggest clubs such as AC Milan and Chelsea partner with GamStop, an organism to fight against gambling-related harms, the club may lose its potential gambling sponsorships.

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