Basket-ball NBA : Jonas Valanciunas Vs Detroit Pistons -Video-

Raptors, after almost have played they home game. Basketball writer Eric Koreen will have a glance on a key matter from the night before. In nowadays, coaches dilemma when their teams start to lose. Taken by the two teams (Casey who got the Raptors work, and Frank, by Detroit’s one) must ponder the worth of hunting out wins versus the expansion of the young players. Especially, Lawrence Casey must give some minutes for Jonas Valanciunas. The dare is to find some minutes for the ninth pick of last June’s draft, Andre Drummond according to Dwane Frank.

 “It’s not easy,” Frank said. “Each situation is a little bit different, and unique. I know with Jonas, he played 18 minutes [Tuesday] night. When we don’t play Andre 18 minutes, the reporters here have pictures of me all across town, and the fans as well.” He conceded.

We have to notice that the two men, in June 2011, were interviewed to become the head coach of Toronto Raptors. And now they find themselves in prominent similar positions.

Watch the video here:

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