International Cricket : Men’s Sussex side can be play by Sarah Taylor

“There is no getting away from the fact that this dialogue with Sussex CCC is a hugely positive step for the game and our players. It is indicative of how the women’s game has progressed in recent years if players are turning heads in this way. I think it is also fantastic to know that first-class countries are open to such possibilities.”

The first woman who is Sara Taylor could become the first person to play a first-class country if she debuts for the Sussex Second XI this season in what would be a groundbreaking move for the women’s side of the sport. The club has confirmed that initial and informal conversations have taken place between Sussex coach staff and England women’s coach Mark Lane, but stress that any plans are “at very embryonic stage.”

“There may be an opportunity for Sara in the future but at the key thing is for her to train with the Second XI. Then we can see if she has adapted to the environment and then if we have an opportunity to play her, we can potentially take it a step further.”

Sussex’s professional’s cricket manager Mark Robinson said: “Our second team coach, Carl Hopkinson, has spoken to Mark Lane about the fact we might be short of a wicketkeeping place, with two of their Academy keepers unavailable for the early part of the season.

The England women’s team as they prepare to defend their World Cup title, the 23 years old who is currently en-route to India, has represented her country since the age of 17 and had won everything the game had to offer before turning 20.

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