Football Carlo Ancelotti : he also wants to stay but…

Carlo Ancelotti made a big step forward this weekend with PSG for the race for the France L1 champion. He expressed satisfaction with the work he does, he wants to stay but he says clearly that he is not safe to be kept at his post!

He told the team this morning: “Yes, I want to stay, says Italian coach in L’Equipe on Monday. But … (he continues) I know that at the end of the season, the club will decide if it is happy with my work or not. And if it is not happy … I have not spoken with Nasseral-Khelaifi, president of PSG, but I’m not worried and it is simple. We will take stock at the end of the season, and if the club is happy, and me too, we will continue. Otherwise… There is no other choice. It’s one or the other. I am very happy here, but if the club is not happy, I have no problem to change. “

Ancelotti also reveals that his contract ends on June 30 and said he had an additional year option: “It is based on the classification. I have one more year of contract if, at the end of the season, PSG is in the top three places in L 1 and we qualified for the Champions League “

Finally we note the passing of David Beckham – “Today, as he does not have much speed, he may be more useful in the axis in the middle, where he can stay in place.”

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