Africa World Cup 2014: Match bonuses still agitate Togo

téléchargement (1)Despite the victory of Togo over Congo on Sunday in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers, another battle begins for the Hawks: bonuses. As for each match, players, Federation and Ministry of Finance find difficulty in paying their violin on money worries.

Sunday after the game, they should make the distribution of bonuses of the win up to 2 million CFA francs per player. But to the surprise of the players, the Ministry of Finance has disbursed that money for 18 players instead of 23 names lying on the scoresheet. Together, the Didier Six players returned the special envoy of Adji Ayassor (Editor’s note: Togolese Minister of Finance), asking him to go and pick up the missing for five other players.

So, until this morning when we write this paper, the players are not back yet in possession of their premiums. While some players have already returned to their clubs. But according to our information, the Ministry of Finance, in collaboration with the Sports and FTF (Togolese Football Federation), assures that he will find a solution to this problem in the shortest time possible.

Premiums’ problems are recurring in the country of Emmanuel Adebayor.


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