Football Real Madrid: Casillas wants to play up to 40 years!

1127933-17784705-640-360Is there any age limit in football? The question comes up again. In any case, Iker Casillas at his side does not ask a lot of question. All he wants is to play until the age of 40 years in the colors of Real Madrid!

Questioned by the Spanish program “Lo mejor que te puede pasar” (“The best thing that can happen to you”), Iker Casillas spoke of his predicament at Real Madrid before displaying his willingness to continue his career until 40 years.

“You try to fight and fight to get more. I am ambitious and I want to always play while respecting my teammates. (…) I can play up to 40 years. Now for a goalie, if you take care of yourself, you can achieve the quarantine. I wish I could play up to 40 years at Real, but there will be a time when it will not be possible. When my contract comes to an end, I’ll see if I can continue or not with Real Madrid.”

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