Football « My mum is a Moroccan , Algeria-Morocco we are together » Marhez puts an end to the controversery

Silent till then, Riyad Marhez reacted to the controversery stimulated by his sayings during an instagram live some days ago .

While his saying aroused keen reactions among moroccans and the intervening of their compatriot Abdeslam ouaddu., Manchester city winger Riyad Marhez responded to the controversery with irony after a publication from journalist Patrick Juillard on twitter, publication after which Marhez responded : « Thank you Patrick, no controversery even…my mum is a moroccan, we are together Algeria-Morocco . well, we just prefer when it is us who win and not the others » posted Marhez .


Aimé ATTI is a bilingual journalist who breathes football and shares his passion on Africa Top Sports

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