Premier League Sean Dyche Wants Premier League Scrap Winter Break

The Premier League should do away with its winter break, according to Everton manager Sean Dyche, in order to relieve the burden of a busy schedule during the holiday season and reduce the advantage enjoyed by larger clubs with broader rosters.

All clubs will have one of the next two weekends free for a little winter break, with the FA Cup third round taking precedence over Premier League games this weekend.

The maximum number of games Everton will play this month is four, starting with their FA Cup match against Crystal Palace on Thursday.

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They played eight games in all categories in December.

“I don’t see the point of it when you’ve just had so many games in December.

It’s not that beneficial,” Dyche told reporters on Wednesday.

“It would be better to lose one or two of these games in December and put them in there to spread it out.

“That’s a better scenario. It’s a more level playing field then.

“With more games, the big clubs are bound to gain because of their big squads.

“But when you haven’t got a big squad, like us, and you get injuries, you’re bound to be stretched.

” If you put a couple of games in that break then it is more level across the season.

“I’ll be surprised if that break doesn’t disappear, just from the scheduling.”

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