Premier League Hodgson Believes Rooney Can Do Better As A Coach

Following Wayne Rooney’s dismissal from Birmingham City on Tuesday, Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson expressed his confidence that the former England international will be considered for future managing positions.

After Birmingham dropped to 20th place, six points above the relegation zone, and won only two of his 15 games in charge, Rooney was fired this week.

In October, the team was sixth in the second-tier Championship.

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He’s got an outstanding football brain and was a magnificent footballer,” Hodgson, who coached Rooney during his tenure as England manager, told reporters on Wednesday ahead of Palace’s FA Cup game against Everton on Thursday.

I’m sad that it happened but I know he will bounce back.

” I read he will take a little break from the game. That’s an intelligent thing to do.

“There’s no doubt that Wayne Rooney will always be on people’s lips and minds when it comes to future jobs. He really does understand football.

“He’s proved that as a player – he was very thoughtful and astute tactically.”

After failing to succeed in their management careers at Everton and Aston Villa, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard are two more former England players who have struggled in managerial roles. Rooney is one of them.

Ex-players, according to Hodgson, are frequently held in low regard after being appointed to prominent positions.

They will be welcomed into a club because of their name and they will be expected to suddenly take over a team that hasn’t been doing brilliantly and make it fly,” he added.

“That’s an unrealistic demand. They all have to say they didn’t really get a good chance. No one gave them two years, didn’t give them three transfer windows, a chance.”

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