AFCON “I do what is good for my country” – André Onana

“I do what is good for my country” - André Onana

The preparation of Cameroonians for the AFCON 2023 was marked by the controversy André Onana, the Manchester United goalkeeper, who had already been talked about a year ago.

A year after a falling out with coach Rigobert Song, André Onana was back in the group. But he had decided to stay with the Red Devils beyond the deadline.

The goalkeeper wanted to play the Premier League match against Tottenham on January 14 before flying to Ivory Coast while his team played on January 15 against Guinea.

Back home, people even pointed out the laxity of the Cameroonian federation as well as Onana’s lack of respect towards his country. Present on Monday to support his team, André Onana stopped at the microphone of Canal+ to discuss his situation.

“I have a lot to say but I won’t say it here because we are in competition. The most important thing is sacred union. We are here to win the AFCON. I ask the supporters to support us in good times and bad,” he first said.

He then took the opportunity to reiterate his attachment to the selection despite his rather strange situation… “I am one of the leaders so I take my responsibilities and that is why I am here. I don’t want people to criticize the youngest. Let people continue to criticize me, I’m used to it, I do what is good for my country. »

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