Other Sports Golf: Jamieson won the Open Nelson Mendela trophy

The Scottish Scott Jamieson won on Sunday the Open Nelson Mendela, the first EPGA tournament of the 2013 season.
He won the title of the first competition on the European Tour at the dam.
Scott Jamieson was fighting with the English Steve Webster and the Spanish Eduardo de la Riva.


He won with a total of 123 points .
The first African in the general was Tim Clark of South Africa who ranked 7th. He is followed by his compatriot Jaco Van Zyl.
Open the Nelson Mandela was disrupted by the rain.

Final classing:
1st Scott Jamieson (SCO) 123 (66-57)
2nd Steve Webster (ENG) 123 (63-60)
3rd Eduardo de la Riva (ESP) 123 (62-61)
Maximilian Kieffer fourth (GER) 124 (62-62)
5th Matthew Nixon (ENG) 124 (63-61)
6th Morten Orum Madsen  (DEN) 124 (60-64)
7th Tim Clark (RSA) 124 (60-64)
8th Jaco Van Zyl (RSA) 125 (68-57)
9th Julien Quesne (FRA) 125 (62-63)
Sat 10th Little (ENG) 125 (62-63)
11th Colin Nel (RSA) 125 (62-63)
Bjorn Akesson 12th (SWE) 125 (63-62)
13th Matthew Southgate (ENG) 125 (62-63).

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