Fighting Wrestling: Madagascar aims for the Francophone Games

The next Francophone Games will be held from September 6 to 15 in Nice, France.

The Malagasy wrestling was no longer at this appointment for over 16 years. For this edition, the wrestlers will be on the Big Island. They intend to move to rewrite the history of the Malagasy wrestling.

“The Malagasy wrestling often purveyor of medals will be present in France where the number of athletes  is to be determined. The goal is to repeat the feat in 1997, “said the president of the federation, Mamitiana Raveloson.

“We must first participate in these international events to better sharpen our weapons. This is also the recommendation of the International Federation, “says Mamitiana Raveloson.

“This time, the provinces will be honored with the international courses organized with the French Cooperation and the International Federation,” says the president.

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