Africa Didier Six/AFCON 2013 : Organizational problems, his future,he said all on Canal!

Didier Six, the coach of the Hawks of Togo, on Monday was the guest on the show “Talents of Africa” on French channel Canal +. It is such income on his first experience at the head of a selection. Six qualified the Togo for the first time in its history to the quarterfinals of the African competition. His future was also discussed.



“It was the first goal but it was damage to stop against Burkina Faso. to Be passed in the group of death is already extraordinary. But as often we forget things quickly. “

“We felt we could go further. It is clear that in the group I felt ease against Burkina Faso. I knew the qualities of Stallions. Some of my players thought it was just a step to the semi-finals and that was our mistake. The players did not played well. “

“On his goal “Pitroipa”, there has been an oversight. In the locker room, there were general discussions. when we say that I played defensive I say no. When we have seven occasions and we don’t score one, this is the problem. “

His relationship with Adebayor

“My relationship with Adebayor were good. There were no worries. But when you’re a player, you should know your place and give the maximum of yourself. “

“Speaking of the list, the day before, he is a player who said he will not come and another who said he was injured. So we had to make choices. But they were in my first list, contrary to what has been said. I’m not crazy for me to such a shot in the foot by not taking my best players. “

His future (a subject on the impressions of journalists and men of the street)

“I spent ten days after our return to Lomé and nobody approached me. They are there to criticize. It is easy to say that. I was at least the last three games to move the team. “

“I still want to be coach of Togo.”

Preparation and organization worries

“Before AFCON it was very complicated. First, there was a list to give. And during 3 or 4 hours, I did not know who exactly was coming. Since fifteen months I am in Togo, I am used to manage everything to the last minute, but there was an emergency. It was chaotic that day. In any case, what was important was for the field. I always fought for players no matter where I am. “

“The players are accustomed to such situation, they are accustomed. After our disposal, we waited three days before leaving. I asked for a direct flight to return but that never happened. I wonder if there is not the kind of chaotic (non-sports issues), how players will react. “

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