Africa OM-Brice Samba: “My goal is to succeed”

Brice Samba was recruited by the OM in the winter transfer window for use as a lining to the guardian of DR Congolese origin, Steve Mandanda.
The arrival of the young Congolese keeper of 18 years old in the OM club aims to prepare for the future in this position. Brice Samba has not yet had the opportunity to wear the jersey of Marseille in competition. He waits patiently for his time.

“This is not a form of arrogance, but I always had faith in myself. Doubt, I do not know. (…). My goal is to succeed, to be ready when I am call upon. (…) I know very well that if I continue to work as I’ve done so far and I am serious, I can do it. (…) I never go out, he insists. I train, I eat here (RLD center), and I go home and sleep. “
“When you’re with a guy like Mandanda, you want to compete, to reach his level, and maybe one day to pass. It’s flattering; I can never thank the OM for trusting me. In its head, one must be crazy to play this position. I did not see it like that when I was little; I thought football was a joke. But the more you advance, the more you realize that you have responsibilities. You cannot miss yourself. You can be criticized, but do not fall. You can fail, but you should how to rebound. When I say you must be crazy, it is also related to the commitment on the ground, when there are add games on which need to bounce without asking any question. If you stay stuck saying that you’re not going to 100%, it will die. Do not be afraid. “

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