Gossip Carlo Ancelotti: “Ronaldo transferred? Let me laugh! “

Unknown5He is the happiest among coaches… Carlo Ancelotti spoke for the first time in his harmony with his deputy Zinedine Zidane: “He is highly motivated and has a great desire to learn. I think it will be very useful for us because he has a very good relationship with the players who listen much. I think it will help the team to get better. “

He also said to be confident with the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo in training since the recovery will not leave: “Everyone knows that Ronaldo is a phenomenon, a great scorer. He is important for the club as a player of this quality as well as professional behavior. This is good, especially for young people who can see a champion work with this attitude. This is not my work, but I think there will be no problem”

He also spoke about Kaka: “he is a Real player like all the others. He has started working and it’s clear he has a lot of confidence for this season and a big motivation. We’ll see what will happen. But Kaka is a player with a lot of character and he wants to make a better season than the last. “


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