Football Ballon d’Or 2013: Jean-Pierre Bernes votes for Ribery! Africa still behind Ronaldo!

ribery_fans_ballon_dor_692D-1 for the big Ballon d’ Or 2013 award, Monday at 18 h 30 !

Will Franck Ribery who has long been a favorite happen to deny Cristiano Ronaldo a second trophy or Lionel Messi a fifth coronation?

His agent, Jean -Pierre Bernes is convinced: “I believe, given his achievements this season. This really is the year in which we must believe. He has won everything collectively and individually. But we will have to respect the outcome of the vote. We are expected that with impatience. He is very attached to the trophy that was only a dream for him there three or four years ago because it was out of his head after the difficult times he has known.”

The balance of the year weighs in his favor: Ribery won five competitions with Bayern including the last Champions League and the Bundesliga and the last World Club Cup in Morocco.

“If he does not win this year, the player’s agent remains optimistic about the future: “He is part of a big club that will still save a lot of trophies. And then there will be a World Cup in July. He will find other opportunities.”

However the whole Africa votes for CR7!


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