Football Japanese and Korean casts for Japanese/European Drama Series The Window

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THE WINDOW, which is coproduced by Japan’s Fuji TV and also by Germany’s ZDF Enterprises, just finished the shooting last fall, with locations in the United Kingdom, Malta and Belgium. While this series is planned to be distributed worldwide in 2022, Yuriri Naka from Japan and also Teo Yoo from South Korea, who join this international project from Asia, are excited regarding this project when it comes to the Asian market.

This series is intended as a one-hour prime-time drama, created and also written by James Payne, it has a strong thriller element that takes an inside look at elite professional football and the business that surrounds it.

THE WINDOW, which is how the series is called, begins at the end of the English football season. The champions have already been crowned, the other teams drop down a division, and the transfer window opens. Across ten whole episodes, THE WINDOW charts 10 tense weeks in the life of a 17-years-old named Jordan Burdett who discovers he’s on the wish list of the biggest clubs all over Europe. What started out as a tug of war over a young lad’s first professional contract, then it starts entwined with a darker and also criminal conspiracy.

Yuriri Naka was born in Tokyo and moved to London by herself when she was only 19-years-old to study theatre at the prestigious “Rose Bruford College”. She’s now an actress who’s based in London and who has appeared in many movies such as “Kingman: The Golden Circle”, “Ronin” and “JUKAI”. In 2020, she appeared in a drama co-production in Netflix named “Girl/Haji”, which was definitely a big hit, which got a lot of attention worldwide.

Yuriri commented that he was very eager to join this TV show since he absolutely loved the scrip and the character, but also because it was the first ever Fuji TV production in English that was made in collaboration with European production companies. He was definitely highly pleased to be part of the show and hoped that the show paves way for a lot more projects like this one. He said that he’s looking forward to this fast-paced drama since it will bring plenty of entertainment to people all over the world.

Teo Yoo was born in Cologne, Germany where he began studying theatre at “The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute” in New York when he was 20-years-old and, later, at the “Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts” in London. It was in 2018 that he rose to prominence after being chose to play the lead role in “LETO”, which was invited to the Cannes Festival. He’s an international actor who speaks not only Korean but English and German, and has used his skills and experience to appear in a lot of contents both in South Korea and all over the world.

He said that his first childhood memory involving sports was actually him playing football. His father is a semi-retired FIFA agent so he had the broad knowledge and interest in the content’s appeal. He came from a multi-cultural background; it was also interesting for him to participate in an Asian-European coproduction. The writing never suffers any type of lack when it comes to the excitement in any episode, which is very good. There will be something for everyone at any given moment.

This will definitely be a great tv show, especially due to the story behind it. The script is very well written and the scenes were well shot. Everything is in place for the premiere in 2022. With this show getting broadcasted all over the world, it will be a sensation and it is expected to be that and nothing else.

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