News Common Questions on Blackjack and Answers That Work

No one started playing blackjack as a pro, and regardless of how well you have honed your skills, you probably have a question or two about the game. Maybe you don’t even know the first rule of playing blackjack, and you need to have a sound grounding on the basics. Not to worry, this article is specifically for you. On this page, you will find common questions people ask about the game and answers that will set you on your way to becoming a pro in no time.

Question 1 – What Are the Rules Guiding Blackjack in An Online Casino?

The majority of new blackjack players ask this question. First, pick a blackjack table you like and sit down to play. Before you sit, check the table limit to make sure it is within your spending limit. There will be other players present, including the game dealer, so you won’t be the only one playing. To defeat this dealer is your goal. Basic rules include:

  • Never give cash to the dealer directly; instead, after you sit down at the table, you exchange your cash for chips that you can use to place bets.
  • Some rules to follow at the table are as follows:
  • Do not touch any card facing up on the table.
  • Talking is not advised, but hand signals are greatly encouraged.
  • The aim is to beat the dealer in any possible way – you either get a total sum of 21 with the cards in your hands, or you fervently hope the dealer gets above that and get busted.

Question 2 – What Do You Do When You Have a Card Hand Total Of 21?

That signifies a blackjack, and if the dealer does not have one at the same time you do, then congratulations are in order. I should add here that you should avoid playing at tables that offer a payout rate of 6:5. This is the casino blatantly ripping you off.

Question 3 – What Happens When Your Card Hand Is Above 21?

Although you don’t want to be in this predicament, if you are, you have been busted. The same goes for the dealer and other players. A quick tip: start playing before the dealer does. You have a chance of avoiding being busted by doing this. If you do not, you continue to play. You lose the game if you do.

Question 4 – Is There Much Difference Between Playing Blackjack Online and Physically?

No. There aren’t many differences, and the principles remain the same. One of the major differences is the table limits. While the minimum amount you can bet is much higher when playing physically at an online  casino, the amount is reduced when you play online.

Question 5 – How Can One Minimise the Risk of Losing Money on Blackjack?

Stick to the rules, play smart, and pray lady luck shines her eyes on you. Many would say you can employ some strategies, but truth be told, no strategy guarantees that you won’t blow your money, especially if you are a beginner.

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