UEFA Champions League UCL: Xavi Wants Barca To Play For Their Supporters Ahead Of Napoli Clash

When Barcelona plays Napoli in the Champions League last-16 on Wednesday, coach Xavi Hernandez stated that his team will be competing for their supporters rather than to appease their detractors.

This marks Barcelona’s first trip back to the knockout rounds in two years.

Xavi stated that he is not feeling under pressure despite his team’s poor performance, which has hurt their prospects of retaining their La Liga title.

They are currently in third place with 54 points, eight points behind champions Real Madrid.

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The former captain of Barcelona believes the first-leg match against Napoli is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.

He said last month that he will stand down at the end of the season due to a string of disappointing outcomes.

There is excitement, hope and motivation to get through to the quarter-finals,” Xavi said on Tuesday.

“There is an ideal scenario for a good qualifying round and a great match.”

“We are not playing to shut the critics’ mouths, we are playing for our fans, for our prestige.

“We are in the round of 16, we haven’t been here for two years, tomorrow is a great stage to enjoy and compete.”

“We are talking about the reigning Italian champions, they have a great level. I don’t think we are favourites, I see it as even.

We are teams that have just won the league and it hasn’t been our best season, if we are favourites, we have to show it on the pitch, here and in a few weeks at home,” he added.

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