Premier League Kompany Says Refereeing Standard Has Declined

Premier League refereeing standards have declined this season, according to Burnley manager Vincent Kompany, who joined the chorus of people criticising the officiating after a series of contentious calls.

On Saturday, Kompany’s team was reduced to 10 men against Chelsea, and the Belgian was given a red card for objecting to a spot-kick decision.

With eight games remaining, the relegation-threatened club, ranked 19th in the table, drew 2-2 at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge.

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The frustration comes from that it’s a succession of mistakes and it is always debatable,” Kompany told reporters.

“The effect is on points and on our season, I suppose all of that kind of gives you a feeling of being more angry, but when the next moment comes I have to do my best (to not react).

“I hope it doesn’t happen again this season.

“I keep saying what I think, I won’t shy away from it.

“I have said it to the officials, that the refereeing has not been good enough this season. I have said that in a constructive way.

“Last year I said English refereeing was the best in the world, I felt there was always common sense being applied — this year I have not felt like this.”

Following the Chelsea match, the former captain of Manchester City revealed he had apologised to the referees.

Wolverhampton Wanderers, in tenth place, will be Burnley’s opponent on Tuesday.

All we’re asking is to have an opportunity, so if between now and the end of the season we have one opportunity, that’s enough for us,” Kompany said.

“We will just fight and work as hard as anyone to get that opportunity, but the next eight games don’t define the club.

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