Asia The Olympics : the USA and Iran say no to the removal of the wrestling! Video

The United States and Iran go to war against the removal of the wrestling from the 2020 Olympic Games. The decision came from the International Olympic Committee to remove the struggle in the disciplines selected for the competition.

This seems unusual. These are all American and Iranian athletes who oppose this decision by gathering around a banner written in both English and Farsi “The Olympics without wrestling, never!” Information revealed during the world Cup battle which took place last week in Tehran, Iran.

Athletes of the two countries give a good example to the diplomacy of their country which since1980 have no relationship: “We need the support of Iran (…) to keep the fight (the Olympics) and it will go beyond the politics, “has stated in the Iranian capital, Rich Bender, the executive director of the American struggles, quoted by news agency Isna.

The problem that has divided the two countries remains the final negotiations on the nuclear issue. This union of athletes could cause the IOC to reconsider its decision.

This tradition dates back to the 6th century BC and to the former Persian kings who fought with bare hands against some of their enemies.


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