Africa Fifa: Website launched for match-fixing report

The World/Global Soccer’s governing body FIFA launched a web page to enable individuals to make anonymous reports of corruption by officials and attempts at match-fixing.

Before Monday’s announcement, FIFA had promised to set up the hotline by European police about 680 suspicious matches, including qualifiers for the World Cup and European Championship and the Champions League, had been identified in a fix inquiry.

“Infringements of the FIFA code of ethics, and violations of FIFA’s regulatory framework relating to match manipulation can be securely reported and treated with the strictest confidentiality,” FIFA said in a statement.

“The reporting mechanism will enable individuals to notify FIFA of potential violations, another milestone in FIFA’s effort to strengthen football governance.” Other media house understands that, will keep users’ information and will be handled in a confidential way.

“Whether you submit your report anonymously or are asked to include your name, your information will be handled promptly and treated with the strictest confidentiality available under the applicable laws and regulations,” FIFA and assured.

“FIFA is convinced that every individual can contribute to promoting transparency and integrity through vigilance and a sense of responsibility. Please help us protect our organisation against harmful behaviour.” FIFA, which has battled against match-fixing since way back has appealed to governments and police to clamp down on the illegal gambling rings that incite players to.

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