Africa Samuel Eto’o: threatened with death after his shocking revelations on the Cameroonian federation!

The African football that is about to live a beautiful final of Afcon tonight between Nigeria and Burkina Faso is shaken by shocking revelations of Samuel Eto’o who does not mince words against the Cameroonian Federation that he deals judges incompetent and corrupt!

“There are some gentlemen who want to continue to manage the money we other players generate when we travel to first class, build beautiful houses, and drive beautiful cars in the sweat of our brows. The reality is that these people fill their pockets (…) each person at FECAFOOT (Cameroon Football Federation) say “I want to get rich.” These people must be sacked because they have shown their incompetence (…) The Family is good then you have eaten enough, leave us! (…) To denounce all this (…) I was repeatedly threatened with death. (…) I am protected. I have someone at my door day and night. There are many people who are involved in it; you do not know how they will try to kill me. “

Junior Bynyam, communications officer of FECAFOOT responded: “There is nothing concrete in what he said. He has not advanced a single figure, a single place, much less a name for death threats. “

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