Fighting Boxing: The Franco-Algerian beaten for the WBO-Europe

Karim Achour tilted against the Czech, Lucas Konecny for the title of WBO-Europe champion of the middleweight.

The Franco-Algerian boxer lost by technical decision points in the twelfth recovery. The Czech boxer was stopped by the referee at the last round due to an unintentional headbutt from Karim Achour. The fight ended with a unanimous score of 118-110, 116-112 and 118-110 in favor of Konecny.

Yet when the referee stopped the fight in the 12th and last round, the champion of France thought to have prevailed. “Konecny had two open arcades and saw nothing says Achour. I thought I had won. But as one of its arches was opened on an accidental headbutt, the referee warned the judges that if he stopped the fight because of this injury, there would be a counting down of points. But my area has not been informed. ‘

“I do not dispute this decision continues Achour. His shots were not too strong but they were sharper and more numerous than mine. When I could put him in danger, I had no energy left to finish him. It was physically difficult. ‘


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