Africa PSG Matuidi changes his agent

Blaise Matuidi hits the headlines not for his performance on lawns, but for a change of agents. Author of a great season, the Franco-Angolan fancied by the biggest European clubs.

The PSG midfielder made people talk about him without actually seeing him. The former Etienne is about to change his agent. He decided to break his contract with Jean-Pierre Bernes.
Me Carlo Brusa, the counsel of Bernès, commented on the case in the columns of Parisien:

“I doubt the legality and legitimacy of such a termination. It is abusive. This letter is a great disorder. No criticism is also addressed to Mr. Bernes on the exercise of his profession. On June 30, 2013, he would have been free to engage with the person of his choice. A summons will be issued in the coming days against the gentlemen Matuidi and Raiola. The latter, an Italian national, holding a Dutch license and that the Sportman company is based in Monaco, is complicit in this breakdown. In violation of all the rules governing the profession of agent, he even offered the player to major European teams, including English clubs, to make him leave PSG. Of course, the leaders of these clubs have not failed to prevent Mr. Bernes. “

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