Africa Exclusivity : Adebayor received by the Togolese president for his foundation

As Africa Top Sports has announced you, the captain of the Hawks of Togo, Emmanuel Adebayor Sheyi launches on June 30 his foundation. As a prelude to the event, the Togolese international was received by the head of state Faure Gnassingbe.

“It’s very impoadeb-300x199rtant for me to come and see the head of state to receive his blessing. The interview went well. My country has given me a lot and I created this foundation to help my brothers and sisters in many areas, “said Adebayor Sheyi after the meeting.

The Tottenham striker has streched the objectives of his foundation: “It’s true that I’m not going to change people’s lives, but it is to offer a chance, is to improve the lives of people who suffer in the country . At this point, things are not doing well, it’s up to us to find the necessary means to change what we can, even if it is 0.1%, it should be done. “

A giant concert with international artists (like Fally Ipupa, Fse Azonto and others) this Sunday will mark the launch of the SEA foundation. A press conference was hosted on Saturday to introduce artists to media professionals.

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