Football Launching of the SEA foundation: Adebayor, “Frankly, it really touched me”

kk1-300x225adebayor-300x179Nearly 75,000 people were present at the Kégué Stadium to follow the concert to launch the Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor Foundation. An exceptional moment that really touched the sponsor, who visited Africa Top Sports the following day.

“It went really well. There were a lot of people, frankly, it really touched me. I am doing it at home, you know, I was born in Togo, I grew up in Togo, I am Togolese. It is true that many people have said why I had not done before. I waited for the right moment, and then I am doing it. The launch went very well. “

“Now we will see in what areas we can help the country. As I always said, I am Togolese and proud of it. Here I want to help my country and continent, that’s what matters to me. Give joy to children, educate them and tell them what to do. It is true that I was not born with a spoon in the mouth. I worked hard to be where I am today. “

“If I can advise my brothers and sisters, it will be just to tell them to listen to their parents, their teachers, for tomorrow to be better for them. All my struggles, is education and health. You know, without health you cannot do anything. We’ve always dreamed of being a footballer. If I had fallen long ago, I will not be a footballer that to me is very important. “


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