Europe PSG: The president understands why Leonardo left!

khelaifi-300x150Nasser Al-Khelaïfi lost twice after the departure of Carlo Ancelotti to Real Madrid and Leonardo suspended for nine months. The president of PSG does not abandon. For Qatari, the key is to build a competitive team capable of beating all the big teams in Europe.

“I do not put the departure of Leo in the same category as that of Carlo Ancelotti. Their motivations are very different. Seeing executives leaving is part of the life of a club or any business. People come and go. The project is not a matter of one person. PSG now has over two hundred employees, including players. The club is growing very fast and there is no one who can prevent this growth to continue. Nothing can stop us. We continue to build our team and our club to become a major European competitor in the years to come, “said the president of PSG .

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