All sports Sochi 2014 Olympics: Controversial toilets! Corrupt organizers?

512262-4965a0cc-82e5-11e3-8c0a-8e0465bef8c3Endless controversies about Sochi Olympics that begin on February 7. This time it is not the security problem, but the toilet equipped for different athletes.

On visit to the Olympic site in Sochi, journalist Steve Rosenberg form the BBC has made an incredible discovery. In the toilet, it is therefore not one, but two bowls found with no separation device. This has probably enabled the architect who designed the workplan to save time and space. But in these circumstances it will be impossible for athletes to have a semblance of privacy while easing themselves.

The images quickly toured the world and make the buzz among Russian internet users especially since it is rare, especially with regard to games like Sochi, see two toilets installed side by side without any curtain divider.

For many inhabitants of the region, this is due to the very unorthodox way funds are managed at these games. According to some indiscretions, € 36 billion would be volatilized from the total budget of the competition.

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