Europe José Mourinho: an explosive book! “If I’m in Vietnam, I’ll take a gun and kill you!”

44364On the eve of an explosive return match tomorrow against PSG in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, an explosive book comes out on José Mourinho.
The book is entitled: “The Special One – The Dark Side of Jose Mourinho.” It is written by Diego Torres.

The Times published a few pages of this book that make the buzz yet.

Especially about the aftermath of a match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, 16 April 2011. That day, Real Madrid was obliged to win against Barcelona in La Liga to revive. But it sadly resulted in a draw.

And José Mourinho insulted his players:

“You are traitors. I asked you not to tell anyone about the team aligned but you betrayed me. This shows that you’re not on my side. You’re sons of bitches. The only friend I have in this locker room is Granero … and himself, I do not know if I should trust him. You abandoned me. You are the most unfair team that has been given to me to lead. You are but sons of bitches.”

“If I am in Vietnam and I see you laugh at one of your colleagues, I’ll take a gun and kill you. Now it is up to you to find one that has mocked you.”

The rest of the story promises to be forthcoming!

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