Europe Gueïda Fofana out of Ligue 1 resumption

Gueïda Fofana could miss the Olympic Lyon in the resumption of the Ligue 1. The midfielder should be absent for the beginning of the championship, for he has a serious injury that requires an operation.  At rest at the end of the last exercise to try to take care of an injury in feeders, Gueïda Fofana suffers henceforth  from the ankle pain since the beginning of the tests, a case worrying, according to the medical staff of the OL.

On the website of the Olympique Lyonnais, Hubert Fournier gave news about the French-Malian player:” Gueïda Fofana is going to undergo a surgical operation by a Dutch specialist of the ankle. It should take place in Porto where this surgeon sometimes operates. At the moment I cannot give you information concerning the deadline of unavailability. We wait.”

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