All sports Rugby Africa : 2019-2020 season totally cancelled (official)

Rugby Africa

After weeks of consultation, Rugby Africa, the institution that manages the development of the oval ball in Africa, decides to cancel its 2019-2020 season.

This decision follows several factors. Current travel bans, public gatherings, among others. “The health and safety of our athletes, supporters, staff, partners and local communities remains our top priority. Too much uncertainty still hangs over the evolution of the pandemic . In the coming weeks so that we can calmly resume competitions, “said Elvis Tano, chief of the Medical Commission for Rugby Africa.

Thus, the Rugby Africa Cup will not take place this year. It was due to start on May 30th.

“The common desire is to ensure the revival of rugby . Locally and to prepare the national teams adequately for a restart of competitions . On the continent, if possible in 2021”, reads a press release.

In addition, Rugby Africa is strengthning its support for federations. And plans, if its financial resources allow, to unlock a unique solidarity fund . Intended for the activities and preparations of rugby squads.

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