Africa Tunisia in Mourning : Hamadi Agredi, Football Legend Passed Away

Tunisia is in mourning. Hamadi Agredi passed away this Friday after an illness. The former footballer is considered as a legend in his country. The tributes are falling from all sides.

According to the Journal de Tunisie, he is probably one of the best Tunisian footaballers of all time. A midfielder, Agrebi played at the Club Sportif Sfaxien (CSS).

Everywhere you passed through, you arouse admiration for your exceptional footballer skills, rightly referred to as the “ball magician”. Better still, you earned esteem and recognition for your human qualities, made of modesty, correction, fidelity and generosity”, said Mohamed Aloulou, former president of the CSS.

With the national team, Agrebi was part of the Carthag Eagles team at the 1978 World Cup in Mexico.

He was 69 years old.


  1. Reply Post By Salah Troudi

    Indeed a sad day for all Tunisians. Agrebi was a brilliant club and imternational footballer who entertained spectators of opposite sides with his magical skills and incredible control of the ball. He possessed a natural talent for dribbling, passing and creating scoring opportunities for himself and team mates. I have vivid memories of watching him grace all those on the football terraces with panache and magic. He caused havoc to defenders and goal keepers both in Tunisia and internationally. His performance in the 1978 world cup in Argentina , along with some of the best Tunisian players ever, remains engraved in the memory of all Tunian fans. Then, German, Polish and Mexican defenders suffered from the skills of this unknown, to them, Tunisian player who showed the world what an Arab and African player could do with a ball.
    Long after he had retired from football Agrebi continued to be loved by fans all over the country.
    A calm, humble and above all a very kind person, he was , and will continue to be, the pride of a whole nation. He will forever be missed in his home town of Sfax and the whole of Tunisia. May Allah bless his soul.
    By Salah Troudi in Exeter, England.

  2. Reply Post By Nader troudi

    Well said Mr Salah.
    He is clearly one of the best players for many generations. May Allah bless his soul!

  3. Reply Post By Emna Maazoun Zayani

    Well Said Mr. Salah.

  4. Reply Post By Samira Boukadi

    I can’t agree more Salah
    He was and continues to be a pride to Sfax and to all Tunisians as long his fans keep recalling his qualities and promoting the standards he set. It is no more about a person, a player, or even a club, it is rather a culture to follow.
    Rest in peace Hammadi.

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