Premier League Everton – Liverpool : Forecast And Bettings By Football Specialist

Africa Top Sports football specialist making prediction for the match of the of the 2020/21 season Premier League 5th gameday. The match is opposing Everton to Liverpool this Saturday kicking off at 11:30 GMT.

Currently, the Premier League is one of the most prolific goal championships with an average of 3.8 goals per game. But now the agenda is getting very busy for the teams with the return of the Champions League and the Europa League. 

Hence, the next three gamedays will be held each week, respectively, in the middle of the week, there will be European Cups, and championship matches in weekends. Just after the international break, with the last matches held on Tuesday, it was clear that some players and teams are no longer as lively and fresh. All of this will be noticeable also in championship games – less shaking and acceleration, less chances to score. I think the performance will slow down, as well as the quality of the game.

As for this match, Liverpool did not do the right preparation. There was first an elimination in the League Cup against Arsenal. And so the match against Aston Villa, which result I don’t even want to repeat anymore. 

In addition, the severity of Alisson’s injury, who will not be there for several weeks. Firmino was clear, he had tough games. Mané is back after contracting Coronavirus. It is possible that  he plays, but not a fact. It seems to me that it will not be easy for Liverpool in the coming match and in the coming weeks.

As for Everton, it is the opposite situation. 7 matches and 7 wins at the start of the new season. Within four gamedays of Premier League and three League Cup gamedays that the Toffees have already played, they have won big in every game. Ancelotti is doing well in a duo with Ferguson. The atmosphere, as I was told, is excellent in the team, in terms of play. There are no special problems at the moment. We had James Rodriguez who was already outstanding, Richarlison stirring up the attack. The team has also progressed psychologically. 

If before, «Everton» could often collapse when something went wrong, now that is no longer the case. Even in games where difficulties are noticed, Everton demonstrates surprising self-confidence and achieves results. The first one that comes to mind is the match against West Brom, in which the Birmingham club scored twice. But Everton had no problem taking the initiative and getting the desired result.

I think it won’t be easy for Liverpool here. The first bet is: Everton will not lose in the first half. And the total is less than 2.5. I don’t think Liverpool will be easy in the first half, as Everton will offer sufficient intensity and will be able to control the game at least until the break.

It is unlikely that a productive game will take place here. Over the last 7 games played at Goodison Park under Klopp, 6 scored less than 2.5 goals. I will not be surprised if something similar happens this time. The last three games ended with a goaless draw. My second option is a total of less than 3.5 to 1.74 in 1xBet.

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