Kenya Nyamweya slams FKF for neglecting clubs in the Azam deal

Sam Nyamweya has castigated the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) in their decision not to involve clubs when signing a broadcast deal with Tanzania-based Company Azam TV.

In a signed statement, Nyamweya, who doubles up as the Patron of Premier League outfit Shabana FC said: “I have been keenly following the proceedings since the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) signed a broadcast partnership deal with Tanzania-based Company Azam TV to air league matches in the top-flight.

“During the seven-year deal signed in Nairobi worth $ 9.1 million, Azam TV reportedly acquired exclusive broadcast rights for an initial fee of $ 1 million for this year with the deal expected to increase by $100,000 in subsequent years. However, it has now come to my knowledge that despite FKF signing the deal, they did not involve the clubs, who are among the key shareholders in matters of football in the country.

“Any signed contract that involves FKF and the clubs should always be put in the open for everyone to see. Why is FKF refusing to give out the contract to the 18 clubs in the Premier League to peruse through before they agree on whether to sign it or not? Why are FKF threatening clubs to sign a contract they have not seen nor read it?

“It is the reason from the onset that I vehemently termed the signing of the deal as another sham by the incompetent FKF. It is now coming out in the fold that FKF have some hidden agenda in the contract that they don’t want the clubs to know. The clubs are the major shareholders and should be given first priority to read and understand the contract signed between FKF and Azam TV.”

Nyamweya further detailed a few cases where FKF had signed contracts without involving clubs or stakeholders by saying: “Furthermore, I have always wondered why FKF under the regime of Nick Mwendwa always hides contracts they have signed with various partners. For instance, when betting firm BetKing came in as a title sponsor for the league, FKF kept the contract under wraps despite the same clubs questioning what it entailed and though BetKing signed for seven years, they never lasted to see through the deal.

“It is the same case with the contract FKF signed with Harambee Stars coach Engin Firat. They have refused to share details of the contract even to the government and this has seen the Turkish coach go for at least nine months without salary. The government though Sports CS Ababu Namwamba have pleaded not once, not twice to FKF to furnish them with the contract they signed with Firat but this has not been done. Is there something they are hiding from the public? It is a shame that Firat’s cry for salary is a problem created by FKF because they don’t want to put his contract in the public domain.”

He concluded: “When elected to office [of which I am sure I will], during the forthcoming FKF national elections, my first priority will be to involve clubs and all stakeholders in whatever the federation intends to do or has done. We will not hide anything from the stakeholders because they are the ones, who make our football.

“I want to reiterate my stand that something fishy is cooking in regard to the Azam/FKF broadcast deal and urge the 18 clubs to stand their ground and make sure they get a copy of the deal, and read it through before accepting to support the course.

“In the meantime, I will soon come up with a comprehensive blueprint on how to reclaim our dying football as I seek to return to the position I was abruptly, maliciously, and recklessly interrupted during my former regime. My team will include international and local advisors, without leaving out the people, who have played football before in legends, former referees, branch and club officials at all levels.”

Dennis Mabuka

Dennis Mabuka is a seasoned Kenyan journalist with 18 years of experience covering sports events. He is currently a sport content creator with

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